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What We Do

RISE Worldwide

A nonprofit that puts youth at the forefront of catalyzing positive & sustainable change.
Using a proven 4-month immersion program, RISE enables youth to develop innovative & practical models to address pertinent problems facing their local communities.

Let’s Begin With What We’ve Done

In January 2012, we proved our concept of enabling youth to create change in their community could work. Over the course of 180 days in Tanzania, 100 twelve-year-old Tanzanian children solved the water crisis for about 2,000 people in their community. We called it project ripple.

Our Impact








Lives Changed

We R.efocus

We begin by simply listening - not telling.
Then we inspire communities from the ground up, starting with their youth.

The Beginning

Sitting on the tarmac of Kilimanjaro Airport, Alex had an idea come to light; after spending months volunteering in Tanzania, having the opportunity to be immersed in the culture and study foreign aid first-hand, two questions kept running through his head.

Why don't organizations ask the people they serve what they want?

Why do organizations give, create and serve but not listen to those their mission is to support?

Alex decided to develop a model, which began with two of the most unused methods - listening and children. If we took the time to enter a community without expectations and created an environment where children were capable of leading change, then real sustainable change may come to life.

We I.magine

We enable youth to imagine their community different.
By identifying issues today, youth can begin to imagine solutions for tomorrow.

We’re Different

Lateral Leadership

We believe communities know their own community better than we ever could. We empower youth to become leaders in their community, guiding change throughout the program. Our staff act as mentors, guiding youth along our program with an ultimate goal of a completed community changing project.


Strategic Scaling

We strive to make a big impact, so we always begin with the smallest components, working our way out thus creating community ownership. Our model focuses on partnering with schools, using readily available resources and infrastructure, so that we can expand programs in an effective manor. 


Connected Youth

We believe a lot can come from sharing. We are creating a network that will allow children in one community to communicate, share ideas and share stories with another child in an entirely separate community while participating in our program. If they can share their experiences of community growth, imagine how much they could grow themselves.


Staff Locally

We train and instruct locals from within a community to become our program staff; they know the community, culture and customs better than someone from abroad could. With a locally staffed model, we gain early trust from a community and we create local jobs in the process. Our country directors act as ambassadors and help capture impact, stories and results.


Committed Transparency

We promise that 100% of your donation goes to funding our mission and our projects. A full report will be produced within 1-3 months after the completion of every project, available for viewing by anyone and sent directly to donors. In the future, webcams within and around our projects means you can see the progress of our projects first hand – and one day participate from abroad.


We S.park

We empower children to pick an issue they want to solve.
Then after problem identification we help the children through the processes of developing a solution using old, new and borrowed knowledge.

What’s Next

We've successfully piloted our model in Tanzania but to us that's not enough. In order to fit our name we must test our model in various locations are the world. So why are we not continuing projects in Tanzania right now? Well, we know our program will work there, so now we're looking toward the next country to test our model - Haiti.

Haiti? Why Haiti? Since the quake in 2010, Haiti has been swimming in support from NGOs, helping to rebuild infrastructure, schools and hospitals. While those are all vital necessities, we pose the question: what about the next generation?

We believe the most important aspect of “rebuilding” is educating the youth of Haiti, so that the country has a foundation to grow from. In March 2014, our Founder flew to Haiti to investigate communities, talk to NGOs and most importantly talk with children. The response was overwhelming positive and we found the communities we investigated to be very receptive to our organization’s model.

Now we’re putting together a plan, weighing the costs and analyzing the metrics. In a few months, we hope to initiate our second pilot, 3x as large as our first, featuring partnerships with 3 different schools in 3 different areas.

We E.volve

By having the children lead projects, our team and the community follow as support,
we are able to change communities from the bottom-up, creating lasting change.

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